We Get You high quality, qualified, B2B Leads on autopilot using our proven Leads on Demand™ system

B2B Lead Generation is complicated, time consuming, and takes a lot of trial and error to get right. At Peachy leads we are specialists in setting up, managing, and optimizing powerful B2B lead generation campaigns that deliver highly qualified leads on demand every single month like clockwork.

Struggling to generate high quality leads for your high-ticket business?

Read this...

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day with 1, 2, 3, or even 5 sales leads in your inbox every single day.

Just imagine what that would feel like.

To have complete clarity and confidence that you have the systems in place to deliver quality leads to your doorstep every single month on demand.

You just sit back and let our team do all the heavy lifting while your campaigns are setup, A/B tested, and optimized.

The Result?

A sales calendar packed with high quality, pre-qualified leads.

Imagine what this would feel like...

No more boring networking events.

No more expensive paid ads campaigns that never convert.

No more sleepless nights worrying about where your next client is going to come from and wondering if you're going to be able to pay the bills this month.

Just a predictable lead generation machine that feeds your business with new prospects every single month like clockwork.

If this is what you want then you need to stop the guesswork and put our proven Leads On Demand™️ system to the test.

Our average client closes their very first deal within weeks and our average ROI is 7X across our entire client base.

In fact, we're so confident our system will work for any high-ticket service business that if it doesn't deliver our minimum KPI's we work entirely for free until it does!

What do you have to lose?

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Luke Finney,
Founder & Head of Growth @ Peachy Leads

Our 5 step leads on demand™ process

Here's how it works...

Step one

Identify your dREAM Prospects

Once onboarded we get you booked in for your kick-off call where our team will work with you to identify your ideal client profile so that we can target only your perfect dream clients.

Step two

Craft market specific messages

Once we've identified who you want to target our team of expert copywriters get to work on crafting high converting, outcome focused market specific messages to cut through the noise and suck your prospects in.

Step three

Campaign Setup

Once your messaging is ready, our technical team gets to work on setting up and launching your campaigns.

Step four


Once your campaigns are launched and leads start flowing in, our team will forward over all interested prospects directly to your inbox daily.

Step Five

A/B Test & Optimize

Once we are up and running our team will manage, A/B test, and optimize your accounts on an ongoing basis to ensure that we squeeze every last quality lead out of your campaigns.

 Check out the results we've achieved for our clients...

Novus Digital went from struggling to generate more than a few leads to bringing in 35+ highly interested businesses to their inbox every month

The process

After the initial onboarding call with Alex, we quickly set him up with an outreach strategy that enabled us to put his offering in front of hundreds of perfectly-suited businesses within just 14 days. Inside just 4 days of clicking "go" on his campaign, he'd already received 9 leads straight to his inbox.

The Results

The sales process for Alex's offering can mean that leads are within his pipeline for up to 6 months. So whilst Alex has closed clients already, he's expecting those firmly within the pipeline to bring back an ROI of just over 550%, but most likely towards 890%. Over the lifetime of these clients, this will be way higher.

More importantly, Alex now has more piece of mind and never worries about where the next client is coming from.


Novus Digital


SEO Agency


550-850% ROI


Alex Robinson

Proof Content now has a reliable and effective method of client-acquisition on tap

“We’ve worked with Peachy Leads for several years now, and have always been really happy with the service. Plus – the results speak for themselves!”

Charli Hunt,

Founder of Proof Content

The process

Charli has been a client of ours for the best part of a couple of years. Our methods and strategies have grown and developed over time since she's been with us, but one thing that hasn't changed are the incredible results we achieve for her. We've used our tried-and-tested cold email outreach methods to ensure she receives a stable and sustainable supply of leads each and every month. 

The Results

Proof Content have seen a remarkable 350% ROI across all campaigns they've ran with us (which is expected to grow as they nurture long term relationships). 


Proof Content


Content Marketing Agency


350% ROI


Charli Hunt

Edward Thomas have closed deals totalling over £500k from the leads we generated for them

"We started a LinkedIn campaign with Peachy leads in October 2021. It usually takes about 3-6 months to convert a lead. By April 2022 we had generated over £500,000 in yearly revenue from leads passed directly from Peachy Leads."

Richard Davenport,

Commercial Director of Edward Thomas

The process

The objective was simple - generate a consistent and reliable supply of leads from recruitment companies who were looking to outsource the payroll aspect of their business.

The Results

In just 7 months, their ROI has hit over 3300% - that’s a whopping 34x return.


Edward Thomas Contractors Ltd


Payroll Services




Richard Davenport

Peterson James have received over 1200 leads within 14 months of working with Peachy Leads

"I am delighted with the performance of Peachy leads. They have been excellent at working with us regarding the optimisation of the message to gain the maximum amount of leads.

By the time we have received the leads they have been qualified and the conversion rate is better than 1 in 3 and is nearly 1 in 2

Our ROI is just above 200%"

Pierre Netty,

Managing Director of Peterson James

The process

Pierre wanted to reach as many construction workers as possible that were possibly due a tax rebate. This was a huge operation as there were well over 80k eligible contacts.

The Results

We’ve consistently hit large numbers of leads each and every month since inception. Their return has reached well over £150k in extra revenue


Peterson James Co Ltd






Pierre Netty